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Breeder and Exhibitor of Long Coat Chihuahuas

Welcome to AmigoReal

AmigoReal is an Accredited Long Coat Chihuahua kennel situated in Christchurch, New Zealand. Taking into account the origin of the Chihuahua breed, “Amigo Real” translates as “Royal Friend” in Spanish.


Our dogs are beautiful examples of high quality show Chihuahuas with excellent conformation, temperaments and intelligence.

The heart and beginning of our kennel, New Zealand Champion Harriet Taylor of Kapowai, is a beautiful Tri colour Chihuahua known for her regal appearance, beautiful movement and tail set in the show ring.

AmigoReal prides itself on show quality dogs who have had the benefit of rich, enjoyable socialisation, and experiences to ensure a well adjusted Chihuahua. Whether you want a high quality show dog or a beloved pet, we breed to achieve excellence. As a result, our dogs are DNA tested and certified for Eye, Heart and Patella to ensure sound genetic make up before matings. 

We exhibit our dogs throughout the South Island of New Zealand and incorporate New Zealand and Imported Champion lines to ensure the future success of our kennel.

Please keep checking back for information on our planned litters and for more details please inquire. We are happy to discuss helping you find your next show dog or pet.


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